Backpainted Glass

Backpainted Glass fabricated with our proprietary epoxy based coating. Most durable and highest quality in the industry

DIOR Backpainted Glass black with white inset logo for retail installationSuite-OfficeBackpainted Glass Black with diffused white logo various locationsHarry Rosen Window (Backpainted Glass)


Through the use of a variety of application techniques, Imagic Glass has developed a superior coating to back paint glass. The material has been time tested and found to be extremely durable. Glaziers are impressed with the strength of the bond and the ease of installation. A full gamut of colours is readily available.


Thickness: 3mm – 25mm (1/8” – 1”)
Minimum Size: 100mm x 100mm (4” x 4”)
Maximum Size: 2540mm x 4445mm (100” x 175”)
Colour: Can match any colour within tolerance range (Pantone, Paint Chip, CMYK etc,)
Opacity: Opaque
Strength: Available as annealed, heat strengthened or tempered
Minimum Edge: arrised (chamfered)
Ground Edge: matte finish with arris (chamfer)
Polished Edge: shiny finish with arris (chamfer)
Safety: Tempered: CPSC 16 CFR 1201, ANSI Z97.1 and CAN/CGSB 12.1 M90
Installation: recommend neutral cure low acid silicone (RTV or equivalent)