Digitally Printed Glass

High Resolution (up to 1,500 dots per inch), large format (up to 96” x 150”) direct-to-glass digital printing of gradients, graphics and images

Digitally printed graphic laminated glass sealed unit Pickering OntarioHarry Rosen Window (Backpainted Glass)Digitally Printed Glass film with Agnora laminated glass for the MARS building in TorontoPURDYS Digitally Printed and Backpainted glass custom wall cladding for retail applicationCopa Cabana Club Multi Layer Digitally Printed Glass custom pattern entry signageOrigins Restaurant Digitally Printed Glass of custom photography for design feature interiorPickle Barrel Restaurant Digitally Printed Glass hi resolution photograph printed on 3/4 “ glassREISS Digitally Printed Glass Black Gradient film laminate on glassunionENVIRONICS Boardroom glass coated white board marker panel wall claddingCafé Coco in Kuwait City Digitally Printed Glass gradient film produced in Toronto and shipped to Kuwait for installationOcean Photo on glass – Digitally Printed Glass custom photo hi resolution printed on glass surface and installed in private residenceAncaster Dental Office final(S)IMG_02981IMG_02801


Patent Pending technology allows Imagic to print directly to glass  in the highest resolution (1,500 dpi) in the industry. The vast majority of glass fabricators that print to glass use a method that deposits a ceramic ink on to the surface of the glass. The ink must be cured in a tempering oven with the advantage of increasing the tensile strength of the glass. The disadvantages are that the ink is exposed on the surface of the glass, the resolution is much less and there is great difficulty achieving vivid or opaque colours.

There are a number of benefits to our technology. The ability to print in multi layers (up to 7 layers of different opacities), smooth gradients with no banding (lawnmower effect), varying opacities from clear to opaque within the same piece of glass, the ink is safeguarded between layers of glass or with a protective coating behind. Additionally our print technology allows us to print on annealed glass.


Thickness: 3mm – 100mm (1/8” – 4”)
Minimum Size:  100mm x 100mm (4” x 4”)
Maximum Size: 2500mm x 4445mm (98” x 175”)
Artwork: Customer to provide print ready artwork at full scale (1:1) in acceptable graphic format (.pdf, .ai. eps) Printer interprets CMYK + White at varying density and layers
Opacity: Available as clear to opaque
Strength: Available as single ply or multi ply (laminated):  annealed, heat strengthened or tempered
Minimum Edge: Single Ply: Arris (chamfer); Laminated: 1/8” clear laminating tape exposed around glass perimeter, use with frame capturing 1/4” minimum of glass edge, arrised (chamfered)
Ground Edge: matte finish with arris (chamfer)
Polished Edge: shiny finish with arris (chamfer)
Safety: CPSC 16 CFR 1201, ANSI Z97.1 and CAN/CGSB 12.1 M90
Interior Installation: Single ply installations must be backed up with one of our Digital Print protective coatings
Exterior Installation: Single ply installations must be backed up with one of our Digital Print protective coatings
Multi Ply: as with all laminated glass, edges must not be exposed to the elements due to possible risk of de-lamination. *3rd Party Test Results by Intertek Architectural Testing: “Showed no signs of colour shifts or abnormalities” after 252 cycles